My 5 Favourite SL Benfica Kits

The 2014-15 season almost underway, and with the new kits released, time to look at my all time favorite SL Benfica kits. Here are my top 5.

1992 Olympic Home Jersey

This jersey and the white away one for me are the two best jerseys Benfica has ever had. The detail on the fabric with the Benfica logos is incredible. The color and buttons is also a nice classy addition to such a wonderful jersey. It is very light and perfect for a hot summer day. It brings me back to my youth and I am happy to say that I have the away white jersey in my closet.

1993 Hummel Away Jersey

This falls in line with the previous one. This is almost same style and design, but a different sponsor and manufacture. Reminds me of my two all-time favorite players, Vitor Paneira and Isaias, which used to wear this jersey. The color neck line is classic, and the detail of the fabric on the jersey is incredible. I would love to have one of these.

1988 Adidas Home Jersey

I own one of these so I am a bit bias. I really like the fabric and look. The gold Adidas lines make it a bit different than the ones released around that time. It brings back memories of Poborsky who happened to be one of my favorite players of that generation. He was the main reason I bought mine. The sponsorship is almost of a felt material and it stands out on the jersey, making it very classy.

1998 Adidas Home Jersey

This is just a classic jersey. Clean look, very retro old school jersey. Not a big sponsor on the front and a v-neck line that makes this an instant classic. If I had to pick one retro jersey this would be it for me. It represents everything that is Benfica.

1990 Hummel Away Jersey

This design is very similar to the 1991 Olympic and 1993 Hummel jerseys, but the white with red trim make it more appealing. The red marks on the sleeve are very nice and the actual material has the detail on it as we haven’t seen since the 1993 Hummel jersey. The old school sponsor with the retro design, all together an incredible jersey.



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