10 Questions with a Pro - Drew Beckie

This week on 10 Questions with a Pro we chatted with Drew Beckie from the Ottawa Fury FC.

Drew Beckie is a Canadian football player that currently plays for the Ottawa Fury FC of the NASL. He was drafted 28th overall by the Columbus Crew in the 2013 MLS SuperDraft and after a year in Columbus he decided to join Ottawa Fury FC and continue his career in Canada.

He has represented Canada at the U23 level and is looking at getting a chance to play for the Canadian senior national team in the future. Let’s find out a bit more about this great defender.

FootyFair: You got drafted in 2013 by the Columbus Crew, you didn’t get many opportunities with the senior squad but what do you take from that experience?
Drew Beckie: 2013 was a tough year but also a good year for myself. I was blessed to be drafted by Columbus and have a good preseason that led to my inclusion in the 18 for the first two games of the year. The next week I got injured and was out for about 2 ½ months. “Next man up” is the motto and I fell out of the squad for the rest of the year. I didn’t agree with not getting an opportunity after coming back from injury but things happen for a reason. I became a better player and defender over the year and that was what I wanted so that is what I’ll take away.

FF: What made you chose Ottawa Fury as the next step in your career?
DB: After being released by Columbus, there was talk of another MLS team picking up my option but due to being injured for most of the year, not a lot of teams wanted to take a chance with an unproven rookie. Luckily, Marc called me and offered me a chance to come here and play with Ottawa.

FF:You wear number 4 with Ottawa Fury, is there a special reason for you to have picked that number? Perhaps a player that you idolized was also number 4?
DB: Number 4 for me doesn't hold any special value other than it is usually a defenders number but Sergio Ramos and Owen Hargreaves, two of my favorite players do happen to wear that number.

FF: Who do you see as Ottawa Fury biggest rival?
DB: I’d say the early front runner for that is FC Edmonton just due to the nature of the games we have played. They play a hard, gritty old type of style Soccer and we are more into possession and breaking down teams without the long ball; these two types clash and with the results being pretty even over four games this year, I’d say they’re our rival for now.

FF: Do you have any rituals before big games that you follow? Any superstitions?
DB: Not a big ritual guy. I make sure I have eaten lots of carbs and the right amount of protein before the game so I don’t run out of fuel. We have a stretching a pre-warm up routine that is key for how I will come out onto the field so I make sure I get that in.

FF: You have played for Canada’s U23 squad, what do you think it will take for you to get the first call up to the senior squad?
DB: I just have to continue to get better here with Ottawa. I am not worried about a call up for Canada at this moment; if the team has success then individual accolades will come with that and so forth. I’d love to get called in and feel as if I have deserved one but the time will come one day if I get better every day.

FF: Who is currently your favorite player and why?
DB: I like how Vincent Kompany orchestrates the defense for the Belgians and for Man City. He is a great defender and smart player, someone to base your game off.

FF: What team do you follow religiously in world football?
DB: I am a big Man United fan and hope they can get back into the Champions League next year.

FF: What do you do to stay in shape during the offseason?
DB: Depending on where I am during the off season, I usually know someone in the area and I will train with them and lift weights. Usually am in Denver, so I will train at the University of Denver.

FF: We just had an incredible month of football with the 2014 World Cup in Brazil, what was your favorite moment of the tournament and the most disappointing?
DB: My favorite moment would have to be seeing my good friend Roger Espinoza play for Honduras in his second World Cup, grew up playing in the same club as him and he would come over to my house for dinner many times. Disappointing wise would be seeing Suarez bite Chiellini. That is obviously a low point for him and the tournament but a great player with such great ability.

FootyFair would like to thank Drew Beckie for taking the time to answer our questions, and we would also like to wish him the best of luck in his ongoing football career.



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