10 Questions with a Pro - Emery Welshman

This week on “10 Questions with a Pro” we got a chance to talk with Emery Welshman, Canadian forward who was drafted 16th overall in the 2013 MLS Superdraft by Toronto FC.

He was on the Toronto FC roster for the duration of the 2013 season having only one appearance for Toronto during that period of time. Sigma FC is one of the charter members of the SAAC (Soccer Academy Alliance Canada). The SAAC is a group of private soccer academies that have no affiliation to local soccer clubs, but are still part of the Ontario Soccer Association. This is where Emery took his first steps into professional football and where he currently plays in the Ligue1 Ontario.

League1 Ontario is a semi-professional men’s soccer league based in Ontario. This league is sanctioned by the Canadian Soccer Association, and it is the equivalent of a third division league, being MLS 1st Division and NASL 2nd Division. In eight appearances for Sigma FC, Emery has scored five goals.

FootyFair: As a youngster what made you go towards the SAAC route instead of the club system for your development?
Emery Welshman: I started my soccer career playing for club team in Brampton called Brampton East but around age 16 i went towards SAAC route because they focused more on getting players soccer scholarships to the states.

FF: What makes Sigma FC such a successful academy?
EW: Sigma FC is ran more professionally than a good amount of professional clubs out there which is why it attracts top talent from all over the GTA and has gained global attention. The coaches really know how to nurture and develop young talent with their own philosophy.

FF:  What was the feeling of being drafted by your home town club in the 2013 MLS SuperDraft?
EW: Being drafted by my home town club was an incredible feeling, something I will cherish forever. Not everyday something like that happens, especially to Canadians in all major league sports. I feel/felt extremely blessed.

FF:  During your short stay with Toronto FC you didn’t get many chances, was there anything you could have done different to be able to get more opportunities?
EW: I am sure I could have always worked harder on and off the field.

FF:  You are now with Sigma FC playing in League 1, what are your short term and long term goals?
EW: Short term goals are for me to help the younger sigma players develop any way that I can. Long term goals is to stay fit and sharp and find a new professional team

FF:  What player growing up was your biggest inspiration and idol?
EW: Growing up I had two players that had big impacts on my career, first would be Brazilian Ronaldo and Thierry Henry.

FF:  If you were given a chance to try out at any team around the world what team would it be and why?
EW: If I was given the chance to tryout at any team in the world it would be for Arsenal FC, because I have been a fan of that team my whole life and it would be a dream to play for them.

FF:  Imagine you could invite 4 players from around the world for dinner at your house, who would you, invite and why?
EW: If I could invite four players from around the world at my house for dinner, I would invite Thierry Henry because he is my favorite player and I have met him before so that would be cool. Second would be Mario Balotelli because he would probably convince us all to do some awesome stuff. Third would have to be Jack Wilshere because he is my favorite current Arsenal player. Finally Ryan Giggs, one of my all-time favorite players and he'd probably have some hilarious stories about Sir Alex Ferguson.

FF:  Is there a specific brand or style of cleats you prefer?
EW: I like wearing Nike Vapors but I think I need to make a switch to Hypervenoms for more comfort. When I was wearing Adidas I preferred the F50's.

FF:  What goal have you scored that stands out for you as the most memorable?
EW: Probably my first college goal for Siena Saints, it was against Kyle Bekkers’ Boston College and in double overtime.

FootyFair would like to thank Emery Welshman for taking the time to answer our questions, and we would also like to wish him the best of luck in his ongoing football career.



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