My 5 Favorite Newcastle United Kits

Newcastle United have had their share of both terrible and great shirt designs. But sometimes the look is not the only aspect of what makes a kit favorite in the eyes of the supporter. History and players that have worn a particular design are a huge part of what makes a football jersey seem "good" in the eyes of the fan. I've supported Newcastle through thick and thin since I was about 6 years old, and here are my 5 favorite kits the Magpies wore over the years.

2005-06 Adidas Away

I've debated this particular one with numerous NUFC fans before. Some love it, others hate it, but I think that this design was quite successful. Aside from the fact that this shirt (for whatever reason) reminds me of Nicky Butt, the color combination in this design was one of the most unique at the time. 

1985-86 Umbro Away

That crest alone makes this shirt epic! Aside from that, this "colorless" shirt always seemed to me as a bit badass, and if you're familiar with the NFL, it can easily relate to the colors of the Oakland Raiders who have never had any color other than white, black and silver in their crest and uniforms. This one reminds me of Peter Beardsley, who has incredibly (off topic) accepted my LinkedIn "Invitation to Connect" recently.

1996-97 Adidas Away

If I had a nickle for every person I know that hates this shirt I'd have a lot of spare change laying around. But to me this one is special. First of all, this was the first Newcastle Jersey I ever bought in England. I was 13 years old and my mother flew me to the UK after requests that lasted about 3 years. Yes, that collar was made out of sand-paper, but I didn't care. With a neck the color of a very ripe tomato I was not just wearing any Newcastle shirt, but one that I got in England from a cashier with a British accent I couldn't understand. After purchasing this unique shiny blue design, I watched Faustino Asprilla come out of the tunnel first, wearing the same number. A moment I'll never forget.

1995-96 Adidas Away

As far as I can remember, this was the only hooped shirt for Newcastle. But what made it so unique were the colors. Not only the hoops were designed in a dark blue and maroon shades I've personally never seen put together, but the collar and the shorts that were worn with this kit were in beige. With this combination, manufacturers Adidas seemed to throw all color rules out the window and in turn came up with something unique. Something the club have tried, and in my opinion failed to recreate on a couple of occasions since.

1993-95 Asics Home

It seems odd that a kit manufactured by Asics could be on anyone's list of anything. But this one reminds me of the good days. The days when Newcastle United were right there, battling with Manchester United for the English title. The days of Lee Clark, Darren Peacock and Philippe Albert. The shirt that led to the days of Alan Shearer, David Ginola and Les Ferdinand. With the city silhouette inside the star, this shirt is my personal favorite, and one that always makes me remember the days when the mighty Toon were the heroes of the North-East.



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