Nike Mercurial Superfly CR Gala Boot + Glimmer Edition

Earlier today Nike introduced the new Cristiano Ronaldo Gala boot which is an elegant new cleat designed to the surprise of many in black.

The details of the design are impressive however, and the manufacturer introduced an alternative as far as color is concerned, with the "Glimmer" edition of the boot designed in shimmering red, purple and aqua blue.

The new boots were unvailed just in time for the bigclash between Ronaldo's Real Madrid and Barcelona this weekend. Cristiano Ronaldo was quoted saying: "These new boots are well-suited for me because they're elegant, beautiful, and they really shine in a new and different way. I’ve always liked trying out new boots, new collections, new colors. Obviously it’s a special game against a big team this week, and I'm excited to play in boots that I feel so good in."

Glimmer Edition



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