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HOPDAYS: Alivaria Brewery Football Concept

Alivaria Brewery is a beer company based in Belarus. Lesha Limonov, a designer from Belarussian capital Minsk came with with this clever packaging idea to incorporate football into the beer's marketing campaign.

1. A fine game depends on the skills of a football player, the ability to have the ball in controll, the well-control of a body and legs, the ability to kick the ball accurately and to score a goal. Hence the idea: to represent a can of beer as a football player's leg. The result is a can of beer dressed in leggings and boots. The Slogan is "to football a can".

2. Everyone who watches football drinking a can of beer is a potential judge, because he is sitting in a chair at home or with friends in a bar, evaluating and criticizing a team, commenting on the game. The Idea: a can of beer made in the form of a football referee.

3. A can is presented in the form of two cards:a yellow and a red one. Automatically you become a referee of the match. You can give a red or a yellow card to the players.



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