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White Footballers & Cornrows

Over time there have been some footballers that tried to 'rock' the cornrow look. While there are those that have made it their look over a long stretch, these footballers' experiment didn't quite last that long.

David Beckham

David Beckham has probably had more hairstyles than any human being in the entire world, so trying out the cornrows doesn't seem that far-fetched. Can you imagine him doing an Armani advert sporting this number?

Brek Shea

Brek is known for his 'eccentric' looks and experimental identity, but this is just bad. No, not bad-ass but simply bad.

Andy Carroll

Oh Andy. I'm not sure about all the other injuries, but this style must have given him brain damage.

Neven Subotić

Looking like a rich kid who listened to too much Eminem, Serbian international Neven Subotić is most likely the number one person on this list having no business trying out this hairstyle.

Marouane Fellaini

The only style on the Belgian midfielder that could make his famous afro seem like the most ideal hairstyle.


Remember this guy? Well, probably not with this particular look, but Elano was at one point a promising Manchester City acquisition. Perhaps as promising as this style.

Diego Forlan

Even legends can sometimes take bad advise. Uruguayan striker Diego Forlan looked like a 12 year old girl that just came back from an all-inclusive vacation in the Caribbean with this style.

Philippe Mexès

French international Mexès was probably going for that "bad-boy" look with this hairstyle. Like grabbing opponents by their throats is not enough.


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