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Goalkeeper Fakes Fainting to Avoid Red Card

South American football players never seem to run out of funny things to do on the pitch. This week we turn our attention to the Copa Libertadores where a group 7 match-up between Ecuadorian side Barcelona and Colombian club Atlético Nacional turned a bit rediculous in the 89th minute after
Barcelona's goalkeeper Máximo Banguera seemed to faint after the body of an opposing player hit his...wait for it...arm.

The match was in its dying minutes and tied at 1-1 when visiting side Nacional saw its player get on the end of a great through-pass and an opportunity to run in on goal. Barcelona's keeper Banguera decided to come way of his line, out of the goalkeeper box in fact, eventually taking the Atlético Nacional player down.

But realizing that he was in fact the last player back, the referee would have no choice but to send the keeper off. So in a last-ditch effort to avoid the red card, Banguera decided to play dead, or at least as if he was passed-out.

After watching the replay, it's quite obvious that the body of the opposing player hit Banguera's arm and the goalkeeper in no way hit his head during the collision or the ensuing fall.

Unfortunately for Banguera and his club the referee didn't feel bad for the Ecuadorian keeper and dished out the red as soon as the shot-stopper "came to". After the sending off the visitors would take advantage of being a man up and score the match-winning goal, traveling back to Colombia with a 2-1 win.

Watch the bizarre moment below:



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