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Spanish Footy Feet – Unveiled

You would think that football players would keep their main source of income in pristine condition, but that is not the case.

I will be giving you six Spanish professional footballers and pictures of their feet and as you can see they have some of the worst feet in the world. It didn’t stop them on their way to World Cup and European glory in the past, but perhaps the reason why they failed in Brazil.

Jesus Navas – Manchester City

That is one horrible big toe. The nail looks like it has some serious fungus.

Jesus help him.

Xabi Alonso – Bayern Munich

It looks like he lost his two big toe nails. Those big toes look like two convertible cars, with the rag top missing.

David Villa – New York City FC

That is one ugly big toe. Looks like someone steped on it, considering all the black under the nail. He should see a doctor about that.

David Silva – Manchester City

Not bad, perhaps even one of the best one of the bunch. Good on you Silva.

Fernando Llorente – Juventus

Just like Silva, Llorente keeps his feet in better shape than most. Living in Italy has helped him when it comes to personal grooming.

Pique – Barcelona

The shape of his big toe nails is weird, but I guess Shakira doesn’t care about it, and if she doesn’t than why would he.


  1. Are you stupid ? Do you know HOW to play football ? With your feet, surprise ! Imagine all the shocks of the ball on their feet, you got it ?

    1. you know thats the point of the article right?

  2. One day we will all be together in the clash of the planets. We will be happier in the cosmos. Jehovah is the power!

  3. The Clash of the planets has already begun silly, Its called the World Cup.