Umbro UX-1 Concept Blackout Boot

Currently Umbro is not a strong player in the football boot market when compared to Adidas or Nike. Not having as many big name players wearing their boots have hurt the manufacture but they can still put out a great quality product.

The latest Umbro boot is proof that they are taking a stand and want to regain a foothold that they once had. The new Umbro UX-1 Concept Blackout will have many turning their heads and looking at Umbro as a good choice of boots going forward.

The Umbro UX-1 Concept Blackout is made with ArmorTex material giving the player protection against the impact of a tackle while still allowing the comfort to be unaffected. Umbro says that the ArmorTex is as tough as Kevlar, but it will be up to the players wearing it to make that distinction.

The overall looks is different from what Umbro has used us to, and it gives the player a much better grip and feel that wasn’t present in some previous Umbro boots.

Not only the body of the boot raises an eye brow or two but the bottom is also different from what they used to put out in the market. The cleats alternate the rounds pegs with the rectangular shape, which is designed to allow the player a better grip when changing directions on the field and quick movements that require a burst in speed.

The new Umbro UX-1 Concept Blackout will hit stores at the end of this month, and it should be a winner.



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