The Bizarre Genius of Henk Blansjaar (Gallery)

VVV Venlo, 1963

The other day on Twitter, I came across a great account called Beyond the Last Man (@BeyondTLM) which specializes in retro football nostalgia.

They have some truly wonderful images and article on their site, that if you're like me and have a keen interest in football history you'll definitely want to check out at:

One of the recent features on their site was on a late Dutch photographer named Henk Blansjaar who through convention out the window when capturing images of Dutch sides in the 1960's.

His team photos were unlike anything I'd ever seen and fall under the category of "it's so crazy, it works".

Here are five of my favourite Blansjaar squad photos:

Groningen 1964

Roda JC, 1965

SV Limburgia 1963

WVV Wageningen 1964

Xerxes, 1964



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