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My Top 5 Favorite Marseille Kits

For those readers that remember, a little while back the three of us here at FootyFair.com covered our 5 favorite kits from the three clubs we support. I talked about my 5 favorite Newcastle kits, Iain did his about Manchester United and Pedro did his about SL Benfica. We also had our guest contributor Owen Kelleher talk about his favorite Republic of Ireland shirts.

I've always been a fan of Marseille's kit designs, especially given the creative freedom Adidas has been able to establish with the L'OM brand in recent years.

So without further ado, here are my five favorite Les Phocéens kits ever.

#5 - Away Kit 2008-09

Yes, I realize this design resembles the pattern you are more likely to find on a cardigan, and those who know me, know that I would not be caught dead in one of those hideous sweater things. Nonetheless, I find this pattern very interesting and unique for a football shirt and I am a big fan when the same color is used in various shades on top of one another, and Adidas did just that with the two-tone blue in this case. The black sleeves and collar add great contrast, which makes this jersey very well balanced.

 #4 - Alternate Kit 2011-12

In this "third" kit design Adidas managed to to bring in a color that although has been used before by Marseille, is not one of the primary colors of the club. The orange in this case is not just there for the sake of contrast, but is used as the predominant color and with the chest design that includes the popular Marseille sky-blue and a black, surprisingly this combination works fantastically together. Aside from the colors, the chest pattern lines aren't evenly spread, which gives this kit a very dynamic look. 

 #3 - Away Kit 1996-97

Perhaps it's because this design is the same template used by Newcastle United for their away kit, or maybe just because Italian dairy company Parmalat reminds me of my childhood, whichever the case I absolutely love this design. I did mention in my Newcastle favorite kits piece that this particular design came with a collar that was only comparable to sandpaper, but even with that in mind this one is a nice classic look.

#2 -  Away Kit 2011-12

This design features so many things I like, this shirt is basically like a jersey wet-dream for me.
1. Amazing use of the same color in two or more shades - CHECK
2. Nice simple collar - CHECK
3. Gold trim - CHECK
4. Tribute for supporters - CHECK
Need I really say more?

#1 -  Home Kit 1991-94

Till this very day, when somebody says "Marseille" this is the first shirt design I think of. The simple but memorable three Adidas stripes coming down from the rigth shoulder and on the opposite side of the shorts is a classic, which OM wore during their 1993 UEFA Champions League title win. This is also the jersey I will always associate with the first time in my life that I was exposed to football corruption as a result of Marseille's match-fixing scandal that year.


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