FC Barcelona Post Match Meals Revealed

The list of food preferred by the FC Barcelona players after a match has been leaked and it seems that pizza is the front runner as the food of choice after a match.

Barcelona caters to all their players and provides them with their comfort food of choice following a match and it is obvious that pizza is the big winner with even Messi going for a slice or two of pizza following a game. I wonder how long before a famous pizza chain tries to get their brand in that locker room; the advertising would be worth millions. Papa Johns is currently rubbing his hands and dollar signs are scrolling through his eyes.

Following their tie with Malaga the menu list was leaked to the media, not sure if it was by coincidence or by design, but while the Malaga players celebrated the tie, Messi, Busquets, Xavi, Iniesta, Dani Alves and even Suarez were perhaps enjoying some incredibly tasty pizza.

Below is the list of food preferences by player:

Ter Stegen: sushi and Nutella sandwich

Montoya: ham and cheese pizza

Pique: Nutella sandwich and fruit

Rakitic: sushi and fruit

Busquets: pizza with ham and fruit

Xavi: chopped chicken breast and ham pizza

Pedro: pizza with ham and cheese, turkey and cheese sandwich and fruit

Iniesta: pizza with ham and cheese and bologna sandwich and chorizo Iberico

Luis Suarez: ham and cheese pizza and Caesar salad

Messi: cheese pizza

Neymar: pizza with ham and cheese and fruit

Rafinha: ham and cheese pizza, sushi and banana

Bravo: white pasta and fruit

Mascherano: pasta salad and fruit

Bartra: ham and cheese pizza and sushi

Douglas: cheese pizza

Jordi Alba: pizza with ham and cheese, turkey and cheese sandwich and fruit

Sergi Roberto: sushi and triple Nutella sandwich

Adriano: ham and cheese pizza

Alves: four cheese pizza

Mathieu: ham and cheese sandwich

Masip: tuna pizza, tuna and veggie sandwich

Samper: pizza with ham and fruit

Sandro Ramirez: pizza with ham, cheese and tuna and fruit

Munir: cheese pizza and fruit



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