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Football Rivalries - Zurich Derby - Grasshoppers vs FC Zurich

The only rivalry between two clubs from the same city in Switzerland, the Zurich Derby is one of the oldest rivalries in the whole world.

Grasshopper Club Zurich was established in the largest Swiss city in 1886, with FC Zurich opening their doors ten years later.

The rivalry began on the back of the idea that FC Zurich was the club of the "people", or the working blue-collar class, while Grasshoppers were the club of the upper classes. Although the distinction no longer plays the same role as it did in the past, the rivalry between the two clubs remains strong.

Grasshoppers enjoy the better head-to-head record and the better overall success in Switzerland, but FC Zurich is known to be a more popular club with the crowd. FC Zurich have won 12 league titles and 8 Swiss cups to date, while Grasshoppers have won 27 league championships and 19 cups. While Grasshoppers won their last league title in 2003 however, FC Zurich have been the champions of Swiss football three times since then.

The two clubs also share the same venue, the 25,000 seat Letzigrund stadium since 2007. While the Letzigrund stadium has been FC Zurich's home since 1925, Grasshoppers played in the Hardturm stadium from 1929 to 2007.



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