1860 Munich's New Lederhosen-Inspired Kit is Amazing

Beer, buxom blonde women, sausages, schnitzel, music, football and did I mention beer?

Yes, these and efficiency are the stereotypes that often come to mind when people are thinking of German's, but I was referring specifically to the wonderful yearly event Oktoberfest 

Unfortunately, I have never had the privilege of attending the real deal in Munich, but the region I grew up in Kitchener-Waterloo, Ontario had a sizeable German community and every year the area hosts a mini-Oktoberfest Despite it being a copy of the original, it doesn't dissuade thousands of people flocking to Kitchener every fall for the things I mentioned above. 

I had many drunken nights at one KW Oktoberfest event or another over the years, and if you can't get to Munich, I'd recommend this particular festival as a decent alternative. 

But alas, the purpose of this piece is not for me to reflect on the night I drank 12 jugs of beer, polka danced and then vomited bratwurst down the steps of city hall. This particular article is to marvel at the wonder of 1860 Munich's brilliant new lederhosen-inspired kit.

On this site we have run pieces in the past that have been critical of outlandish kits, and this one is certainly out there, but the kit is so unique and kitsch that it's brilliant.

The shirt has a wonderful traditional collar, complete with a lace up front, and the shirts white and blue check pattern is terrific. This looks like something you could easily wear out to BBQ's or any outing that involves beer without you looking like one of those dudes or girls who considers any sports jersey to be semi-casual wear.

The shorts are unbelievable with the lederhosen-inspire design and mock leather look. Completing the kit are nice plain white socks with 1860 embedded on them.

Fans have already had their say in what they think of the Munich club's unusual effort, as the kit sold out within four days and is already become a hot item on eBay.

It makes me crave a hearty mug of beer, along with a proper Oktoberfest sausage with a pile of sauerkraut and mustard on it, while watching some good football.

Creating an "out of the box" kit, like St. Pauli's famous camouflage number, is becoming less rare in recent years, but 1860 have gone all in on this one and for that we here at FootyFair salute them!*

*Editors Note: This is just the writer's opinion and does not necessarily reflect the views of FootyFair.



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