The Mad Cartoon Genius of David Squires (Gallery)

Besides the good parts of football, like goals, saves, brilliant passes and the odd ridiculous tackles, there is a lot of troublesome spots in the modern game.
If it isn't FIFA officials 'allegedly' taking backhanders, referees being accused of corruption, or clubs being owned by groups that made their money in questionable circumstances, there's the feeling that the game has drifted away from it's working class roots.

That's where humour comes in to help lift us up and remember that football is a game and despite all of the bullshit it's a form of entertainment that we may live or die with, but in the end it is a happy escape from our often mundane day to day existence. And perhaps even the dodgy dealings can be entertaining, if presented in a certain way.

The cartoons of artist David Squires poke fun at some of the ridiculous aspects of modern football and give fans to have a laugh at it with him. To see more of his work, check out his website at: or follow him on Twitter: @squires_david, but in the meantime the following are a few of his best pieces for the start of this current season.



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