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New Camera Technology Brings Football to Life

Television plays a huge role in the way sporting events will be viewed and enjoyed in the years to come. High Definition saw a huge rise and development in large part due to sports, and even the beginning of 3D broadcast was pushed forward due to the demand put in place by sports fans.

TV broadcasters are always looking at ways to push the envelope and give the home viewers a unique perspective of the game, and perhaps we have been given a glimpse at the future of football broadcast already.

Earlier in the week Ajax played Feyenoord and won 1-0 in what is one of the most intense rivalries in Dutch football, but the story was not the game or the result but rather the cameras used to broadcast the game to the home viewers. The game was recorded using a new revolutionary camera system called MOVI, which is believed to be worth 20,000 euros according to Dutch website AD.NL. The system allows the camera operators to record footage using sensors and motors while keeping the camera stable but moving at a very fast pace.

Here is a sample of the footage:

Only certain parts of the game were recorded using this new technology. Right now is not possible to record the match using this camera since it would require a camera man to be on the field of play, but perhaps in the future a solution can be found to surpass this obstacle.

Here is some more footage but from inside the control booth.

If this is the future of football on TV, I am getting myself a much larger TV for my living room.


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