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Throwback Thursdays: The Worst Misses by Emile Heskey

There have been news floating around that 36 year old Emile Heskey is about to join Championship side Bolton Wanderers as part of the club's crisis signings due to their ever injured front line. But although the former England national has had some respectable days with Liverpool, Leicester City and the Three Lions, I remember usually remember Heskey for his numerous terrible miss-kicks in front of goal. So today, just because I feel like it and just because I can (because it's my birthday), I give you Emile Heskeys worst misses in front of goal. Enjoy

Probably one of his most famous misses with Aston Villa 

One of few with Newcastle Jets in the A-League

Just blame the crossbar Emile, that's what we do in our pub league

This one is perhaps is worst one ever, again with Newcastle in Australia

His misses are bad even in video games

And it's that much funnier when someone gets it on a vertical mobile video



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