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Alexandr Kokorin Balls Deep in Strippers

Alexandr Kokorin, the 23 year old Russian forward from Dynamo Moscow and Russian international has been caught in one of Russia biggest footballing scandals. No it doesn’t involve match fixing or drugs, instead it involves strippers.

The Russian player saw this week private pictures of him with strippers during what appears to be an orgy leaked on the internet. I guess he didn’t realize that when you party hard you should leave all mobile devices at home.

To add fuel to the fire on the same day the pictures of him with strippers leaked on the internet he had posted a romantic picture of him with his girlfriend, as they returned from Dubai where they enjoyed a mini vacation. It looks like he went double dipping and enjoyed the vacation a bit more than his girlfriend.

As the pictures of his stripper orgy make the rounds it will be interesting to see what the response from his girlfriend will be, perhaps a nice luxurious gift will be enough to show her that he made a mistake in what could only be a short lapse of good judgment on his part. Maybe, it is not what it looks to be, but we all know that it is always what it looks to be, and in this case the pictures tell no lies.

Kokorin and Girlfriend

Kokorin and stripper

Kokorin with two strippers



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