Adidas Adipure 2015 Boot Versions

Adidas is releasing three versions of the Adidas Adipure. The 11Pro, 11Nova and 11Questra, three different models that are sure to have the fans of this boot undecided on which to take home.

Adidas Adipure 11pro uses soft premium Kangaroo leather in the upper part of the boot for comfort and protection of the player, but the Adidas Adipure 11Nova uses soft Taurus leather. This leather is officially known as ULT-K leather, treated leather that is extremely soft.

Both of these boots use a support structure in the forefoot and heel area, which allows the boot to fit better and be even more comfortable. The Adipure 11pro has a sock liner with a heel gel pad while the 11Nova has a sock liner with textile finish.

The outsoles of these two boots look completely different, but they both have the same features and use the Traxion FG 2.0 stud configuration with more and smaller studs.

The cheapest of the three is the Adipure 11Questra. This version is made with synthetic leather and
has a very cheap looking white outsole for firm ground play.

If your choice is based on price that the 11Questra is right for you, but if your choice is made on comfort and play ability, than the only option is the 11pro. The 11Nova is a middle of the road option, you get some of the similar designs and features of the 11pro but with enough changes to give you the price break that perhaps makes the difference in your budget.


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