Old School Christmas Pictures (Gallery)

Uh oh, I said the "C" word and no not THAT "C" word, I'm talking about Christmas.

These days you're not supposed to mention Christmas, it's all "Happy Holidays" this and "Seasons Greetings" that. It's just a big politically correct, nudge-nudge, wink-wink, we do every year around this time, but I don't think anyone is fooled.

December 25 is of course Christmas Day and although the day will be football free for the most part, as we have to wait for Boxing Day for a full slate of fixtures, that wasn't always the case. In England for example sides used to play on Christmas, but those were simpler times when they also didn't tip toe around the "C" word either.

The last time the English football league played a full fixture of matches on Christmas Day was in 1957. For the next eight years, a small handful of clubs would still schedule matches on this day until Blackpool defeated Blackburn on December 25, 1965 in the last Christmas Day fixture in English professional football.

Anyhow, here are a few fun photos of fans attending matches rather than sitting around the dinner table arguing with family and a few other vintage shots of football on December 25:

Fans arriving at the Hawthorns for a match between West Brom and Birmingham City, 1931

Bournemouth & Boscombe take on Portsmouth, 1914

Brighton fans watching their side against Crystal Palace, 1920
The famous Dick, Kerr's Ladies team who drew over 10,000 fans to their first match on 25 December, 1917
The Programme for the last Christmas Day match in England



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