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Jordan Carver Could Become Marco Reus New Chauffeur

After being fined 540 thousand euros for drunk driving and not having his driver’s license with him, Marco Reus received an intriguing offer.

Jordan Carver, German model, offered to be his personal chauffeur. In exchange she didn’t want a lucrative paycheck; instead she asked that Reus would leave Dortmund and sign with Bayern Munich.

“My dear Marco, I am willing to be your personal chauffeur for 24 hours a day and help you recuperate your driver’s license. You just have to accept the following conditions: love me and leave Dortmund for Bayern Munich. I know that I am being ambitious, but both requests are incredible.” Jordan Carver used social media to send this message to Marco Reus.

So far, it looks like Reus hasn’t responded to the proposal made by the beautiful German model. Jordan Carver currently living in the United States doesn’t let distance get in the way of her love for Marco and her favorite football club, Bayern Munich.

Marco has a very difficult choice to make.




  1. I think she's crazy but its a good deal since Bayern is the best

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