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5 Football Books to Read during the Holidays

During this time of the year, with most of the leagues around the world taking a break, it is a good time to grab a book, sit by the fireplace and enjoy a good read.

If you are a football fan, than what best than to pick up a football inspired book and have a cup of tea while enjoying a book. With that in mind I have decided to put forward, five books that should be in every football’s fans must read list for this holiday season.

The Nowhere Men – Michael Calvin

I can’t say enough about this book. It is plain and simple an incredible read. If you are a parent of a young player, maybe this book will go against everything you believe and are, but it may also make you reflect on your behavior and the impact it has on a young player.

The book explores the football youth scouting world, and recounts the experiences of scouts in the UK and how they uncovered some of the talent we see in Premier League fields like, Sterling and Wilshire.

Sergio Aguero: Born to Rise – My Story – Sergio Aguero

I am normally skeptical of reading player books, more so while they are still playing, but this is one of two that made my list. This is one of the books of the year, while not as popular as some others released this year; this book will be an eye opening read for anyone that grew up playing football outside of South America.

The book gives you a glimpse into Aguero’s early childhood and his first encounter with Leo Messi.

Pep Confidential: Inside Guardiola’s First Season at Bayern Munich – Marti Perarnau

This book offers an insight like no other into the world of Pep Guardiola as he took over Bayern Munich for his first season in charge of the German giant. He was set to prove that he could succeed outside of the friendly surrounds of Camp Nou, and use that motivation to prove all his doubters wrong.

If you want to have a look at what it takes to manage a big club like Bayern Munich, this book is for you.

I Think Therefore I Play – Andrea Pirlo

This is the second active player book that made my list. I am a huge fan of Zlatan’s book, and I thought that no other would ever come close to matching the greatness of what that book was (I finished it in 3 days).

The quotes that have come out of this book are some of the funniest things you will ever read, but the book is worth for its entirety and not just a few quotes. Pirlo is well represented in this book, and if you are going to buy just one book this holiday season, this should be it.

Inverting the Pyramid – Jonathan Wilson

This book has been out for six years, but it is still as relevant today as it was when it was first published.

We live a time where everyone seems to believe that they are the genius that reinvented the game, but this book shows you how it isn’t true.

Whatever you do, don’t give this book to a youth coach, little Tommy will quit before he turns 10.


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