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5 Awful Football Cliches

Whether it's commentators, players or managers with a microphone in front of them you can bet the mortgage that they'll sound off with a few horrible cliches.

That's why people like Jose Mourinho or Zlatan Ibrahimović are so fascinating. They may come across as arrogant, but chances are you'll never hear them spout off some of the tedious nonsense like this:

He gave 110%

This if often said by a manager if a player has run around a lot, but to the naked eye hasn't appeared to do very much. I would hope that for 80 grand a week a player would at the very least do some running and let's not even get into the fact that you can't do anything more than 100%.

Bad time to concede

Is there ever a good time to concede really? Is my side surrendering a goal in the 88th minute worse than surrendering a goal in the 86th minute? Well, I suppose we have an extra two minutes to claw one back, but to be honest any time my club concedes a goal it's a bad time.

It’s a game of two halves

This is a lazy way of saying a side was great in the first half, but horrendous in the second or vice versa. How about instead of rolling out this old cliche, you provide us with some actual reasons why a side struggled in one half over the other rather than reminding us that football has two halves as opposed to four quarters?

There are no easy games at this level

This is the standard excuse used by managers when their side has taken a minnow for granted and lost 1-0 to Faroe Islands or QPR.

Take it one game at a time

Rolled out by players who don't want their manager to think that they're already obsessing over El Clásico in two weeks, when they still have to play Córdoba next Saturday. No one really believes anyone that says this line, do they?


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