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10 Things you Won’t Hear at Chelsea’s Team Meeting

We would all love to be a fly on the wall during a Chelsea’s team meeting, so we can hear what Mourinho or the players have to say to eachother.

Since we don’t have that ability, I thought I would go the opposite direction and come up with the “10 Things You Won’t Hear at Chelsea’s Team Meeting”. There are better odds at me getting this right than ever being able to get to be a part of the discussions and conversations that happen inside that locker room.

“John, can you take my wife shopping? She needs underwear and I just have no time to take her to the mall.”

“If only our club had money to buy some quality players, we could really contend for the title.”

“Mourinho is such a humble guy.”

“Alright boys, tonight we are going to try something different and play with 3 strikers and no holding mid.”

“I heard that Abramovich took a loan to buy a car, and he is not able to make the payments anymore.”

“Will the guy who took Willian’s Head & Shoulders please stand up?”

“What this team needs is more foreigners.”

“On gameday Stamford Bridge reminds me of ‘La Bombonera’”

“The goal this year is to avoid relegation.”

“Ivanovic, how do you feel about us signing Suarez next summer?”



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