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So, Why Was Hulk Dancing in the Middle of a St. Petersburg Street?

Recently, a video of footballer Hulk has emerged on Russian news television and although it may at first seem like Zenit's Brazilian star may have had a vodka shot too many, there was a reason why the Brazilian was caught dancing in the middle of a busy St. Petersburg street accompanied by Brazilian tunes blasting from a boombox.
(Most football fans outside of Russia only saw this short video that explains absolutely nothing about the initiative behind the silly street dance):
This was his way to raise some money badly needed by young Zenit fan Artem, who at 9 years of age is diagnosed with lymphoma. Although the chemotherapy helped to save the young boy's life, further treatment and a bone marrow transplant is required for a full recovery for young Artem, which would cost his family an additional 1.5 million Ruble (Approximately $23,000 USD) a sum they cannot afford.

Hulk promised that if the money is raised from donations he would dance in the middle of St. Petersburg. Less than two weeks later the donations were complete and the football star invited Artem and his mother to see him do good on his end of the bargain.

Artem and his mother were the only spectators in the gathered crowd that knew ahead of time that the famous Brazilian footballer will be showing off his dance floor moves in the street on that particular day. After the "show" Hulk spoke to a news channel and explained that the money is not an issue and even though he himself donated a large sum towards Artem's treatment the financial side was not his primary concern in this case. Hulk explained that he had hoped that making this a public stunt would bring others to do what they can to help people that need assistance.

Although the young fan is yet to be allowed by his doctors to attend a Zenit match, Hulk has invited him to the stadium and his home for dinner with his family soon after the upcoming treatment.

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