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Adidas Double Up on Their Fashion Crimes Against Manchester United

When German sportswear and boots giant Adidas announced that they would be releasing retro Manchester United gear as a supporter of the Old Trafford club, and one that's old enough to actually remember when Adidas provided their kits the first time around I was pretty excited.

As images of this retro gear was released I was suitably impressed and have been dropping hints with friends and relatives over my wish to see some of this stuff under my Christmas tree.

But while Adidas appeared to have done the lord's work in releasing this gear that harkened back to the era of Paul McGrath and Norman Whiteside, they made a slight blunder.

Earlier this month the company posted images on their website of the gorgeous looking "1985 Track Jacket" for £62. But eagle eyed football fans spotted that the model sporting the jacket in the online advertisement was wearing Chelsea pants!

The offending image was quickly removed after the predictable stir it caused and everything seemed to blow over.

That is until this weekend, when they released a range of retro trainers that are supposedly inspired by Manchester United and thus dubbed Adidas Stretford.

Again, unless your eyesight wasn't what it once was, you might notice that the stripes are the light blue of United's rivals Manchester City.

One has to wonder if Adidas is taking the piss at this point.


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