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Glory Hunters: Too Much Gin Not Enough Juice - Part 2 (Gallery)

Last week we came to you with Part 1 of Glory Hunters, which featured Snoop Dogg and his collection of club football jerseys that he has professed his love and passion for. This week we will be taking a look at Snoop Dogg again in our Part 2 and final installment, but this time is his love for many nations that we will be concentrating on.

During the World Cup, Snoop Dogg must be a torn and divided man, having supported many footballing nations along the years his love for all of them must have his heart in a knot. Who should he throw his support behind; who should he cheer and help reach the final? I don’t know who he supported, or if he even watched any of the games, what I can show you is that his love for football goes beyond club and it reaches nations.

It is obvious that his club ties run deeper with many clubs vying for his attention, at the national team level his heart seems to be divided in only five parts.








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