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The Best of Football's Whose Line Is It Anyway?

The guys and girls at Reddit.com's soccer 'subreddit' have come up with a way to entertain thousands of subscribers and themselves of course by playing a game they call football Whose Line Is It Anyway?

Based on the infamous improvisational comedy series that started as a radio show in the UK in the late 1980's, the users come up with a football related statement or a question and then anyone who has a funny or clever idea posts the answer or completes the statement that was put forth.

We have collected some of the funnier entries for your enjoyment.

Things you can say to Diego Costa but not your wife

  • I wish you wouldn't go down so often
  • Is it me, or is that a Brazilian?
  • Watching you score is a pleasure, but sometimes I want to see other people too
  • Your arse is on your chin

Things you can remember more easily than Burnley players' names

  • The name of a Welsh town
  • Through Fire and Flames on Guitar Hero 3
  • Lyrics to "Rap God"

Celebrity endorsements doomed to fail

  • Rooney hair products
  • Diego Costa... anti-aging cream
  • Diaby's recovery center
  • Messi's accountant
  • Gerrard's anti-slip boots
  • John Terry's brocode

Things less tragic than Fernando Torres' career since leaving Liverpool

  • Balotelli's scoring record
  • The scene where Bambi's mother dies

Things Southampton can't produce

  • A decent Liverpool team

Things more likely than Liverpool getting top 4 this season

  • Franck Ribery having sex with someone his own age
  • Mignolet moving to United in a straight swap deal for de gea
  • Diaby having an injury free season (or week)

People better at their jobs than Balotelli

  • The captain of the Costa Concordia
  • Arsenal's physio
  • Comcast customer service


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