10 Best Andrea Pirlo Quotes

Andrea Pirlo is an icon of Italian football but also one of the greatest players in world football. His midfield play has been a topic of many discussions, his passing and free kicks are at a level that not many can even dream of reaching, but his prowess is not only on the field but also off the field.

The Chuck Norris of football has delighted fans with some unique takes on football and life, the latest has been the book that he released earlier in the year entitled “I think therefore I play”, a perfect title for a book that gives you a glimpse into the life, passions and career of the Italian maestro.

Here are 10 of the funniest and most outstanding quotes from Pirlo.

“After the wheel, the PlayStation is the best invention of all time. And ever since it’s existed, I’ve been Barcelona, apart from a brief spell way back at the start when I’d go Milan.” – His views on Playstation

“Take someone like (Parma striker) Antonio Cassano. He says he’s slept with 700 women but he doesn’t get picked for Italy any more. Can he really be happy? I wouldn’t be.” – Talking about Cassano

“I didn’t need to be asked twice. In I went. The room was furnished in sober fashion and there was some red wine on the table. “Always a good start,” I muttered to myself. Thankfully the most envied coach in the word didn’t hear me. His way of speaking is very similar to mine – not really tenor style, let’s say. “Make yourself comfortable, Andrea,” he began, his Italian absolutely perfect.” – When he met Guardiola

“I thought about quitting because, after Istanbul, nothing made sense any more. The 2005 Champions League final simply suffocated me.” – Instanbul 2005

“I pictured myself in that white jersey. Pristine, and at the same time aggressive; a mean streak running through its unusual purity. My thoughts often wandered to the Santiago Bernabeu, the Temple, a ground that struck terror into opponents. Bruised and battered slaves at the king’s banquet.” – His view on Real Madrid

“Even Sir Alex Ferguson, the purple-nosed manager who turned Manchester United into a fearsome battleship, couldn’t resist the temptation. He’s a man without blemish, but he ruined that purity just for a moment when it came to me. A fleeting shabbiness came over the legend that night.” – On Sir Alex ferguson

“He called me Pirla (a term used in Milan dialect roughly translated as dickhead), perhaps understanding my true nature more than the other managers. We went through four coaches that year (1999). I’d wake up in the morning and not remember who my coach was.” – On Roy Hodgson

“To most people’s minds, the reason we lost on penalties was Jerzy Dudek – that jackass of a dancer who took the mickey out of us by swaying about on his line and then rubbed salt into the wound by saving our spot kicks.” – On Jerzy Dudek

“You could see the red mist coming down and he just wasn’t able to hide it. We could tell what was coming and so we’d commandeer all the knives. Gattuso would grab a fork and try to stick it in us.” – On Gattuso

“It’s nothing but masturbation for conditioning coaches.” – His view on pre-match conditioning



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