5 of the Most Incredible Olimpico Goals

I don’t think any goal in football is as incredible as an olimpico goal. It has to be one of the most difficult goals to be scored and when it happens it is also one of the most incredible moments in football.

The rarity of the event adds to its glamour. Over the years there have been some incredible olimpico goals scored and these five on this list are my favorite five.

Diego Forlan

A disappointment spell with Manchester United didn’t help Forlan to earn a place at the top of the best goal scorers in Europe, but after a move to Atletico Madrid where he was finally able to show all of his talent and a very successful 2010 World Cup, Forlan became a household name.

After joining Internacional from Inter Milan he scored one of the greatest goals of his career against Fluminense.

Joey Barton

The bad boy of English football announced himself to the French fans of Marseille in a big way, by scoring what will indeed be the greatest goal of his career.

He will always be known for his outburst on social media and on the field, but this goal deserves to be remembered due to its quality.

David Beckham

David Beckham will almost be remembered for his passing but more so for his incredible free kicks. He was one of the best free kick takers in the modern history of the game.

Of all the incredible free kicks that he scored this dead ball goal was not the most incredible one, but it was an olimpico goal that gave his team, LA Galaxy a 2-1 victory against the Chicago. He marked MLS in more ways than one.

Thierry Henry

Since his move to MLS and the NY Red Bulls, Thierry Henry has been one of the most prolific goal scorers in the league and one of the biggest names on this side of the Atlantic. This goal against Columbus is perhaps one of the most incredible ones in his career and one of the all-time MLS greatest goals.

Roberto Carlos

The best dead ball taker in the history of the game has to be Roberto Carlos. His olimpico goal is proof that he indeed was a giant when it came to dead ball situations. This has to be the greatest olimpico goal ever scored. Pure genius.



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