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Concepts: Rebranding the Scottish FA

Dave Watson is a Creative Director at popular firm Taxi in Toronto, Canada. Dave decided that it was time to update the look of the Scottish Football Association and here is how he came about the idea:

A few months ago a designer friend of mine and I were having lunch and he asked me a great question. “What would your dream design job be?”. Without missing a beat, I responded by saying that I would love to rebrand The Scottish Football Association (SFA). He then suggested that I do it. Not for awards or for personal glory, but for the love of design and for the love of football.

I have supported the Scottish national team my entire life. Through good times and (many) bad. Over the years I have seen many versions of their logo and uniforms. Some great, others horrific. My goal for this unofficial assignment was to create a new logo and visual language that celebrates the past while adding new elements to create a more modern and contemporary brand. I also wanted to ensure that I find a nice balance between the SFA’s corporate branding needs and their merchandising needs.

The following are the results of my efforts. I hope you enjoy viewing them as much as I did creating them.

Come on Scotland!

The Research

Mood Board

The Logo

The Strip




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