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Football Fanatic: Valentine’s Day Survival Guide

Valentine’s Day is just around the corner, and considering that this year it falls on a Saturday there are certain things that the football fanatic should keep in mind if he doesn’t want to have his better half take a kick at the balls.

Here are some ideas on how to enjoy your Valentine’s Day and not miss any of the action in your favorite league.


Every guy should own a PVR, if you don’t and you are in a relationship, get one immediately. Watching a match live is better than recording it, but in moments of crisis, it is better to watch it on the PVR than not watch it at all.

Record the game or games of your choice, turn off social media for the day and enjoy it with your significant other. After a day of wine and dine and if you are lucky some adult wrestling, you can easily slip away from the comfort of your bed and into the living room to enjoy your games.

Picking the Right Restaurant

If you don’t have a PVR and are deadest on watching the game, then picking the right restaurant is your best alternative.

Find a restaurant that while romantic and overpriced also has a bar area that shows the games on their big screens. When making reservations, and don’t be a fool and make reservations, ask for a both that directly faces the TV’s. When you arrive at the restaurant make sure she sits with her back to the TV’s while you are facing them.

Order appetizers, the key is to ensure there is always something at the table. Every time she is eating you can discreetly watch the game. Every time she starts to talk to you, grab some food and look interested.


If you do get caught watching the match on TV while having dinner it is important to have a full proof plan B. That plan B is a gift that will make her forget about what a horrible douche bag you are and take her attention away from being mad at you.

Nothing does the trick better than jewelry. It is the show stopper that will turn her frown into a smile that goes ear to ear.

Go All The Way

If you bought tickets for the game, and forgot that it was Valentine’s Day, than you have just hit the mother load of all screw ups. Don’t despair; there is one thing you can do to avoid having your relationship end on that same day. Buy a ring and propose to her at halftime. Let’s face it, you don’t have to get married right away, you can push that engagement for a few years before you run out of time and excuses. The only thing is that the ring won’t be cheap, but more jewelry stores have payment options.



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