Top 5 Football Protests

On Saturday, Newcastle United supporters at St. James' park left the match early in protest of the ownership and management staff. Now, we take a look at our top 5 protest moments in football.

#5 - Tennis Balls - Sevilla FC 

In 2012, the kick-off time for a match between Sevilla and Levante in La Liga was rescheduled to make sure that the "Clasico" between Real Madrid and Barcelona is the only match in the "prime-time" slot. Sevilla fans protested by throwing tennis balls onto the pitch.

#4 - Crutches - Racing Club

After a terrible record in their season in the Argentinian league, supporters of Racing Club decided to protest their club's form by throwing more than a dozen crutches onto the pitch during an Argentinian Cup match.

#3 - Flare Troll - Eskişehirspor

Football supports in stadiums all over Turkey sure love their pyro. So when the Turkish Football Association banned flares from all stands in the country, supporters of Eskişehirspor protested the ban with a huge display of pyrotechnics surrounding a "troll face" with writing that read out "Problem?"

#2 - Take a Knee - Real Jaén

Real Jaén players in Spain went down on their knees, and remained this way for a full first minute of their match. This was in protest of the players not getting payed by the club. The opposition sided with the Real Jaén players, and did not use this minute to put the ball in the back of Jaén's net.

#1 - Silent 10 - AIK & Djurgårdens IF

Rival supporters from AIK and Djurgårdens IF decided to use their derby match to protest "Modern Football" (basically many new rules regarding fans, pyrotechnics and conduct). The fans remained silent for the first 10 minutes of the match, then, when the game clock hit 10:00 they supporters showed everyone watching what the difference is with and without support. Incredible!



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