11 Players Who Represented Countries Other Than Their Country of Birth (Gallery)

Pepe - Portugal

With the big clubs scouting players all over the world and bringing them overseas in their teens, or future superstars simply moving with their parents to other countries at a young age, there is a growing list of players who have represented countries other than the one of their birth. These adopted internationals occasionally switch their national allegiances because they feel a closer connection to the country in which they broke through as a professional rather than the country they were born in, or they are do it for other reasons, such as having a better opportunity to play in a World Cup. Rightly or wrongly, it's a situation that doesn't always sit well with the supporters of the countries that a player has left behind, or even the supporters of the country they've chosen to represent.

Below are a few of the players who have opted not to play for their country of birth:

Alex - Japan
Alessandro Santos (Alex) - Born in Brazil, represented Japan.

Deco - Portugal
Deco - Born in Brazil, represented Portugal 

John Aldridge - Ireland
John Aldridge - Born in England, represented Ireland

John Barnes - England
John Barnes - Born in Jamaica, represented England

Marcel Desailly - France
Marcel Desailly - Born in Ghana, represented France

Miroslav Klose - Germany
Miroslav Klose - Born in Poland, represented Germany

Oliver Neuville - Germany
Oliver Neuville - Born in Switzerland, represented Germany

Owen Hargreaves - England
Owen Hargreaves - Born in Canada, represented England

Patrick Vieira - France
Patrick Vieira - Born in Senegal, represented France

Pepe - Portugal
Pepe - Born in Brazil, represents Portugal

Thiago Motta - Born in Brazil, represents Italy


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