Worst Football Haircuts Ever

I will always remember Cristiano Ronaldo's debut for Manchester United. As he made his way onto the pitch against Bolton my Grandad nearly spit out his tea. "Look at his bloody hair", he said, "He wouldn't have lasted five minutes in the olden days with that on his head."

The old man had a point. In the days of a sensible short back and sides, along with a liberal handful of Brylcreem, CRon's frosted tip tassels would have been laughed at in the tunnel and then kicked into next Wednesday out on the pitch.
I could also see my Grandad's point about modern music just being "a bunch of arse wiggling", but that's a story for another blog. 

Football has certainly seen its fair share of shocking hairdos over the years and here are a few gems:

There are ways to tie up your dreadlocks before heading onto the pitch, but Jason Lee's pineapple is only advisable if you actually want to look ridiculous.

Holy shit! Is that Barry Gibb from the Bee Gees? No son, it's Newcastle's Barry Venison.

Proving that too many young footballers have more money than sense, Raheem Sterling attempts to sport a haircut that perhaps only Prince in his Purple Rain heyday could have gotten away with.

Some people show solidarity with workers on the picket lines, but highly touted River Plate youngster Giovanni Simeone shows men struggling with baldness all over the world that he's got their backs. 

After Wayne Rooney's hair replacement treatments, Liam Gallagher said that Rooney, "looks like a balloon with a Wheetabix on top." You can't really disagree with the former Oasis crooner on that one can you?

Former Portuguese International Abel Xavier looks like a villain from Bruce Willis' The Fifth Element with this blonde nightmare.

Former Reading striker Bas Savage calls this little number "The Spider-Man", and who are we to argue?



  1. Agree, except Xavier's is awesome!

  2. It's the face, Xavier always looked like a bad-ass. Thank you Jonathan for first comment on FootyFair. We appreciate you reading. Please share and follow on Twitter @FootyFair

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