Top 5 World Cup Goals - Argentina (Gallery)

I don't think it will surprise anybody that Maradona's "Goal of the Century" will top this list, but with so many other great goals it will be interesting to see who the other 4 spots will be.

Lets take a look at the best 5 goals ever scored at a World Cup by Argentina.

Number 5 - Maradona (1986 World Cup in Mexico) vs Belgium

Number 4 - Rene Houseman (1974 World Cup in West Germany) vs Italy

Number 3 - Esteban Cambiasso (2006 World Cup in Germany) vs Serbia & Montenegro

Number 2 - Maxi Rodriguez (2006 World Cup in Germany) vs Mexico

Number 1 - Diego Maradona (1986 World Cup in Mexico) vs England



  1. The first goal against Serbia was also a superb passing move but it was destined to be overshadowed by that second goal.

  2. Between both goals you are almost forced to pick that second goal, but i agree both were great.