Our Group Stage Predictions. How Did We Do?

With the group stages now sadly behind us, we take a look at out three writers' predictions and see if they were able to make any sense of this incredible World Cup before it even started.

Group A

Final Standings Kon R. Pedro A. Iain J.
Brazil - 7pt Brazil - 9pt Brazil - 9pt Brazil - 9pt
Mexico - 7pt Mexico - 4pt Croatia - 6pt Croatia - 6pt
Croatia - 3pt Croatia - 3pt Cameroon - 3pt Mexico - 3pt
Cameroon - 0pt Cameroon - 1pt Mexico - 0pt Cameroon - 0pt
Verdict: Great start for Kon here, guessing the placements for all teams correctly and even predicting the right amount of points for Croatia. Iain guessed two positions correctly while correctly predicting a goose-egg for Cameroon in last place. Pedro's only correct prediction was Brazil in first place...genius! Kon takes this one.

Group B

Final Standings Kon R. Pedro A. Iain J.
Netherlands - 9pt Spain - 7pt Spain - 7pt Spain - 7pt
Chile - 6pt Netherlands - 5pt Netherlands - 5pt Netherlands - 5pt
Spain - 3pt Chile - 4pt Chile - 4pt Chile - 4pt
Australia - 0pt Australia - 0pt Australia - 0pt Australia - 0pt
Verdict: Great job all around! Identical picks, and everyone predicted the Aussies to go home with no points and the Netherlands to advance. Otherwise ALL WRONG! Nobody holds the bragging rights in this one.

Group C

Final Standings Kon R. Pedro A. Iain J.
Colombia - 9pt Ivory Coast - 5pt Greece - 5pt Japan - 5pt
Greece - 4pt Colombia - 4pt Colombia - 5pt Colombia - 4pt
Ivory Coast - 3pt Greece - 3pt Ivory Coast - 3pt Greece - 3pt
Japan - 1pt Japan - 2pt Japan - 1pt Ivory Coast - 2pt
Verdict: While Kon and Iain predicted Colombia to go through, Kon also got Japan finishing dead-last while Iain got every other possible thing wrong. Pedro is the obvious winner here, predicting both teams going through, and even the correct amount of points for both teams eliminated. Point Pedro!

Group D

Final Standings Kon R. Pedro A. Iain J.
Costa Rica - 7pt England - 7pt Italy - 7pt Italy - 7pt
Uruguay - 6pt Italy - 5pt Uruguay - 5pt England - 5pt
Italy - 3pt Uruguay - 4pt England - 4pt Uruguay - 5pt
England - 1pt Costa Rica - 0pt Costa Rica - 0pt Costa Rica - 0pt
Verdict: We believe that Kon is the winner here, because even though it seems that just like Iain he had everything absolutely wrong, if you look closely it's quite obvious that he was just reading his notes upside-down when putting his picks in. All joking aside though, Pedro was the only guy that predicted anything right in this insane group, picking Uruguay to qualify for the next round out of second spot. Another point for Pedro!

Group E

Final Standings Kon R. Pedro A. Iain J.
France - 7pt France - 9pt France - 9pt France - 7pt
Switzerland - 6pt Ecuador - 4pt Switzerland - 4pt Ecuador - 5pt
Ecuador - 4pt Switzerland - 2pt Ecuador - 2pt Switzerland - 2pt
Honduras - 0pt Honduras - 1pt Honduras - 1pt Honduras - 1pt
Verdict: Fairly impressive for all three here. Kon predicted two positions right and the correct points for Ecuador. Iain also got two position right and the correct number of points for the French. Pedro is the winner in this one as well however, picking all spots correctly (although no correct amount of points). Still, another point for Pedro!

Group F

Final Standings Kon R. Pedro A. Iain J.
Argentina - 9pt Argentina - 9pt Argentina - 9pt Argentina - 9pt
Nigeria - 4pt Iran - 4pt Bosnia & Herz. - 4pt Bosnia & Herz. - 4pt
Bosnia & Herz. - 3pt Bosnia & Herz. - 3pt Nigeria - 3pt Nigeria - 3pt
Iran - 1pt Nigeria - 1pt Iran - 1pt Iran - 1pt
Verdict: Another 3-way tie, as all three of our geniuses picked Argentina to advance with a perfect record. Kon picked the correct position and points for Bosnia, while Pedro and Iain did the same for Iran. None of the guys had any faith in Nigeria it seems.

Group G

Final Standings Kon R. Pedro A. Iain J.
Germany - 7pt Germany - 7pt Germany - 7pt Germany - 7pt
USA - 4pt Ghana - 4pt Portugal - 5pt Portugal - 5pt
Portugal - 4pt Portugal - 4pt Ghana - 4pt Ghana - 2pt
Ghana - 1pt USA - 1pt USA - 0pt USA - 1pt
Verdict: USA was on none of these guys' radar. Both Iain and Pedro picked Germany to come out first with the correct amount of points. Kon predicted the same, but he also had Portugal in the correct position, also with the right amount of points after three matches. Point Kon!

Group H

Final Standings Kon R. Pedro A. Iain J.
Belgium - 9pt Russia - 7pt Russia - 7pt Belgium - 7pt
Algeria - 4pt Belgium - 6pt Belgium - 7pt Korea Rep. - 6pt
Russia - 2pt Algeria - 3pt Algeria - 3pt Russia - 3pt
Korea Rep. - 1pt Korea Rep. - 1pt Korea Rep. - 0pt Algeria - 1pt
Verdict: Atlast Pedro doesn't win a group! He only had Belgium advancing correctly, but even that, not from the correct position. Kon also had Belgium advancing from second place, but also managed to predict Korea's correct position and amount of points. But we will give a point here to Iain, as he predicted two correct positions both for Belgium in first and the Russians in third. Point Iain!

So the tally is quite simple. Two of the groups (B & F )were a 3-way tie. No points awarded there.
Iain comes in last place winning only the predictions for group H, and even that's arguable.
Kon wins groups A & G
Pedro is the overall winner, predicting best in groups C, D and E

Good luck in the round of 16 predictions (coming out Friday night)!


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