Top 10 Ball Boy Moments

Last Saturday, England goalkeeper got a "bit" angry at the ball boy during his team's first World Cup match against Italy, after the ball boy apparently didn't provide him with the ball quickly enough. Hart even went as far as kicking the advertising board. With that in mind, we give you the video from that incident, and another 10 great moments of when the ball-boys (and girls) got a bit more of the spotlight than they anticipated.

Joe Hart - England vs. Italy

#10 - No keeper needed

This Brazilian ball-boy has his goalkeeper covered when the keeper is not in goal.

#9 - Lee Croft

In 2012, Oldham's Lee Croft was accused of yelling racist remarks at a ball-boy during a match against Sheffield United. He later apologized, and the racist accusations were dropped.

#8 - No, thank you

This Chievo ball boy didn't even use Sulley Muntari's shirt to wipe his Pepsi can. (If you didn't catch the reference, you can watch the Top 10 Classic Pepsi Football TV Commercials)

#7 - Playboy Assist

In Brazilian football action, this sexy 22 year old ball-girl's quick ball distribution was the key to Botafogo's goal. Her 15 minutes of fame proved to be a stepping stone to a career in modeling, including a shoot for Playboy.

#6 - Scoring Ball-Boy

We are off to Brazil yet again, but this time instead of an "assist", this ball actually puts the ball in the back of the net. Unbelievably, the goal counted!

#5 - "Ball" boy

This ball-boy was the hero of the match when he gave the opposition player a rather hard pass into the groin. The White Heart Lane faithful seemed to enjoy it quite a bit.

#4 - Eden Hazard

We all remember that match against Swansea City when the belgian kicked at a ball boy who was not willing to give him the ball. That replay still makes me laugh every time I see it.

#3 - Another Assist

This Israeli kid knew exactly what he was doing when he quickly passed the ball to the home team when the opposition goalkeeper was out of position. Even in the post-game interview he takes full credit for the assist (which he deserves).

#2 - Whatup?

This one is my personal favorite. Not only does this Lierse supporter refuse to provide the Anderlecht goalkeeper with a ball, he follows the keeper and gives him the 'ol "whats up man? you looking for trouble?" look.

#1 - Watch the rebound

At number one I decided to leave you with maybe not so much the best video, but definitely the funniest. Ball boys all around the world should lean from this video that paying attention is important not just for the match, but for your own safty as well.



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