10 Reasons Why You Should Watch the World Cup at a Bar

Most of us don’t need a reason to go to a bar to watch a World Cup match, but for those that do, here are 10 great reasons. 


Obviously you can drink beer at home, but having a cold beer at your local bar is unreplaceable. The wide variety of choices is also a welcome addition; you can pretty much have several different kinds during a single game without even blinking. If you prefer a cold one from the tap, than you are in heaven, most bars showing the World Cup games have several selections of beer on tap. You should be able to find one that fits your desires.

Bar Food

Nothing beats bar food. I mean we all love a great meal at a five star restaurant, but bar food is incredible more so when you have a World Cup match being played on the TV in front of you. Something about fish and chips fries or just a plain burger that makes you go into delight. You can try to imitate that food at home but you will never get the same taste. Just make sure the bar brings you the food while the game is going on, and not when it is over. Arrive early and order earlier.

Hot Waitresses

Most bars employee attractive young ladies that like to show some cleavage while serving you. I mean, serving you beer or food, let’s get our collective minds out of the gutter. This will be the closest you will get to being in Brazil surrounded by beautiful woman in the stands, so enjoy it and tip well. If you arrive at the bar and the waitresses look like a contestant in the Biggest Loser it is time for you to walk out and find another bar. Quality waitresses is part of your game day experience, don’t settle for anything less.

Big Screens

During the World Cup, bars will setup giant screens for their customers to have a real enjoyable experience watching the games. Unless you are a rapper and you own an 80” TV, you won’t be able to watch the games in HD and in a huge screen at home. Find a bar that has a nice size screen, it shouldn’t be difficult most of them will even setup a projector to give you as big of an image as they can.


It is a great opportunity for you to hang out with your friends without having the wife around to nag you about chips and salsa messing up her floor. Give her the option of hosting your belligerent friends over for a game or go to the bar with them for a couple of hours, and she will gladly send you your way. These kinds of opportunities do not come very often, so enjoy it for a month, because soon enough it will be back to family BBQ at her parents’ house. Just don’t ruin a good thing by coming home drunk and vomiting in her garden.

Sharing the moment

Nothing beats watching a game surrounded by fans of the same country. When a goal is scored, you jump in joy and hug the person next to you in celebration. That moment brings you closer to the action, almost like if you were in the stadium. When your team loses, to have someone beside you that understands your pain and what you are going through at that moment is also very important and comforting. These are raw moments with raw emotion and can only be truly shared with someone who also experiences the game with that same passion.

 Hugging Strangers      

Girls love the World Cup, not sure if it is because of the hot football players like Cristiano Ronaldo or the attention the tournament brings, but anywhere you go to watch a game there are bound to be beautiful woman sitting down ready for the game to start. Find yourself a table or chair next to the “hot babes”, and just pray that your country will score plenty of goals, because for every goal you know you will get to jump up and hug that hot chick across the table that you had your eyes on all afternoon. Her ass is not a Sony TV, but I understand the dilemma.

Party Atmosphere

Watching a live game at a bar has a street party atmosphere to it. It is like a huge party with great food, great drinks and hot chicks. Almost like your days in College, minus everything since you were a book worm and nobody gave you the time of day. So, now you have a chance to experience what all the popular guys did, and you have the sensibility to not let it go too far. Well, we would hope you do. Nothing spoils a party more than a drunk idiot trying to pick up his best friends girl.

 Dissing Opponents

Most bars will have fans of both teams watching the games together. This gives you an incredible opportunity to gloat when your team defeats them. At home you can jump and celebrate, but there is nobody around for you to rub it in their faces, that your team has won. The bar will give you that opportunity, take it and enjoy it, just don’t go over board to the point you end up in a fight and kicked out of the bar. FIFA wants Fair Play and so do your friends and bar owner. Just remember that the shoe can be on the other foot, and if your team loses, someone will be celebrating in your face. Just pretend you have a train to catch and leave 5 minutes before the final whistle, Toronto FC fans have been doing it for 8 years.

 You Don’t Need a Reason it’s the Fucking World Cup

Seriously, where else are going to watch it, in your parents basement? Go to the bar, enjoy all the other 9 reasons I gave you above and after your team wins go on to the streets and celebrate like if you were in Rio. If your team loses go on to the streets and find a beautiful soul that will console you in this moment of sadness. Either way it is a win win for you.



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