Mid-Week Rants: The Stadium Screen Narcissists

We see it all the time, the camera focuses in on a group of individuals dressed in some idiotic costume that’s supposed to represent their origins or at least their team colors. One of them notices that they are now on the big-screen inside the stadium, he/she nudges the others and the next thing you know they all look like those “wacky waving inflatable arm flailing tube man” (if you didn't get this Family Guy reference, see video below).

I get it, it’s your “once in a lifetime” opportunity to look like a total moron in front of millions of viewers, or say hi to your mother back home, who probably doesn’t give a shit about the game anyway and is not watching (but still, I get it…kind of). The fact that it seems like half the people travelling to Brazil, spending thousands of dollars are only there to get on the screen is ridiculous, but that’s not my issue.

My real problem is with the losing crowd! When team “Loserland” (a fictional nation made up specifically for this article) is down 8-0, the cameramen and producers start looking for the reaction of a “Loserian” in the crowd. It makes for entertaining television when the viewer at home can see a “Loserian” dressed in his “Loserland” colors crying in front of millions of viewers. But instead, all we see is celebrations that can only compare to those of winning the title itself. What exactly are you happy about? And what kind of support do you show by celebrating when your team is losing?

Guess what; when your team is on the field, the staff and even the players do take a peek at the screen every once in a while. Your dumb face celebrating while they are working their asses off in a losing cause, to make you and the rest of the nation proud is the last thing your beloved footballers need as a form of inspiration.

I cannot imagine sitting in the stands and celebrating even for a split second when my team is down. The photograph below illustrates exactly how I look when my team is on the losing side of things (minus the Italian flag).



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