10 Reasons Why You Should Date A World Cup Player

There are many reasons why you should date a World Cup player, but I figure I would narrow it down to the best 10, this way you can concentrate on the ones that really matter.

Keep in mind that these 10 reasons only apply to World Cup players, not every single football player. So act at your own discretion.

10- Fitness

Footballers are fit, but for you to be in the World Cup representing your country you have to be the cream of the crop and that will also be reflected in your physique. If like guys with great abs, amazing legs, and very little to no body hair, a World Cup footballer is your prime target. If you like a more rugged look you will be able to find it as well. Footballers are like chocolates, they all come in different tastes.

9- Merchandise

They all have sponsorship deals with Nike, Adidas, Puma or Under Armour, but if you land a World Cup player he is most likely to have a deal with Armani or another big time clothing line. This will allow you to get the casual clothing for when you hit the gym, but also get some free top of the line swag for when you are hosting a cocktail party. I know that you are probably thinking that he has money, why do I need free stuff. Well, the more money a person has, the cheaper they are. Take the free stuff and run with it.

8- Other World Cup Players

When you date one, you get to meet and know their “friends”. This can come handy for when you find your man with a local stripper in his hotel room. You are too elegant to make a scene in front of everyone, so you just walk away, ensure he buys you several expensive gifts and then you sleep with one of his hot World Cup buddies. Preferably someone he knows but that he hates. Like Cristiano Ronaldo, everybody hates him.

7- Gifts

You will be treated to plenty of gifts. Footballers are like rappers, minus the baggy pants and grills. They love to see their woman draped in expensive jewelry that they bought them. Make your man happy and take all he has to offer and then some. You are probably a good looking woman, but those looks won’t last forever, but the diamonds do.

6- Travelling

They travel a lot and almost every team allows them to bring their girlfriends or wives with them. Sure, during the World Cup he will most likely be asked by his coach to not have any sexual activities with you, but look at it as some “me time” for yourself. On the other hand you get to go to all these exotic places, great cities and incredible destinations. Let him concentrate on football, you concentrate on shopping and enjoying yourself, and when the games are over than your games can begin.

5- Endurance

These guys can play for 90 minutes but if push comes to shove they can go 120. A guy with that kind of stamina should be able to translate it to a work horse in the bedroom. To me that is the obvious transition, so you should be able to have someone who can at least keep up with you and not go all soft after a quick start.

4- Famous Friends

They all have famous friends, either be music stars or movie stars. They love to rub elbows with the rich and famous of other areas that not theirs. You will have a chance to meet actors and musicians and perhaps find your way to a minor role in a film or a stripper pole in a rap video. Either way you are on TV and like P.Diddy would say “there is no such thing as bad press”.

3- Scoring Touch

They love to score, but they not always hit the target at the first try. You have a golden chance to be the GPS to their scoring ability and guide them to the penalty area so they can put it in the back of the net. They are very self-conscious, so you need to tread lightly, but you will have a chance to show them how to finish the play and ensure that they will always follow your playbook. After all they want to go home with the Golden Ball, not blue balls.

2- Great Hair

This is not true for all, but if there is anything Wayne Rooney or Antonio Conte has taught us is that money will buy you hair. If you are into great hair you will find the best hair money can buy. It may not be his, but it won’t matter, it looks real and that is real enough. If he has his own hair, then you hit the jackpot. Players love to fix their hair and groom themselves, almost as much as women do. The downside is he may take more time to get ready than you, but it will be worth it, because his hair will look amazing.

1- Money

These guys make boat loads of money. Sure you should continue your modeling career, but if you were working at Hooters, it is time to hand in the t-shirt and walk away. They can really take care of you and ensure all your bills are paid and you have enough to take your mom out on the town or buy your parents a new house. Just don’t spend it on plastic surgery and pedicure. Invest that money, because their careers are short and your beauty maybe shorter.



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