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When Footballers Get Silly

We love footballers for their dedication, passion, skill and of course the serious manner in which they (mostly) approach the game. But every once in a while those same players and managers turn to silliness to remind us (and perhaps even themselves) that they are human after all. 

Here are ten hilarious moments when footballers and football managers got silly.

The time Zlatan read tweets about himself


The time Muller danced


The time Drogba was teaching Costa how to drive


The time Manchester United players got fit with James Corden


The time West Ham players formed a band


The time Stevie G led everyone in a Toure chant


The time Tevez taught Balotelli how to wrap gifts


The time Henderson and Lucas worked at a Liverpool shop


The time Arsenal visited Asia


The time Mourinho forgot he wasn't a player



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