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When Footballers Surprise Their Fans (Videos)

For a football fan there is no better feeling than meeting a player from your favorite club or national team. Every once in a while fans get lucky enough to see their idols in person, but the really lucky few get to be surprised by the football heroes they love so much. Today we go through a collection of videos showcasing a few awesome moments when football players shocked fans young and old with their presence.

Luis Suarez pretends to be doctor from Spain

Deco dresses as janitor in school

Ronaldo the homeless guy

Sturridge sneaks up on his young fans

Messi joins a conversation about himself

Beckham surprises a high school

Messi coming for hugs

Beckham makes a young fan cry from joy

Jack Wilshere waits for a young fan at his house

Beckham stops for a quick game in Sierra Leone 

Bayern fan reunited with Lothar Matthäus after 32 years