10 Best Quotes From Louis van Gaal

Manchester United manager Louis van Gaal is no stranger to controversy, leaving a wake of shaken up reporters, frustrated opponents and bitter former players behind him over his terrific managerial career.

He's also known for the odd outburst, either witty or outraged, when a microphone is in front of him. The following are ten of the best quotes from Louis van Gaal:

  1. Upon taking his first managerial job at Ajax in 1991, Van Gaal shook the hand of the club’s director and told him: "Congratulations on signing the best coach in the world."
  2. On taking the Barcelona job in 1996: "I have achieved more with Ajax in six years than Barcelona has in one hundred years."
  3. Upon meeting a 14-year old Gerard Pique, Van Gaal knocked the future Mr. Shakira on the floor and yelled: "You’re too weak to be a Barca defender!"
  4. After taking over the Dutch National side in 2000 he proclaimed: "I’ve signed a contract with the Dutch national team until 2006, so I can win the World Cup not once but twice."
  5. Van Gaal introduced himself to the Bavarian press with the following self reflection: "I am who I am: confident, arrogant, dominant, honest, hard-working and innovative."
  6. The Dutch boss approved of Barcelona hiring Guardiola back in 2008: "[Pep] Guardiola follows the Van Gaal philosophy. So I’m not surprised Bayern have hired Guardiola. Bayern always hire the best managers."
  7. Van Gaal on his bedside manner: "I’ve never worn leggings like Robben does. I’m never cold because I’m warm bloooded. My wife says so too. We always sleep spooning."
  8. When asked by a journalist if he wanted to congratulate his former friend Ronald Koeman with winning the Eredivisie with PSV: "If you want to, go ahead."
  9. Van Gaal the sensitive type: "I cry almost every day. There’s always something that touches me."
  10. When asked by a member of the English media what he knows about Manchester United: "That's a stupid question."


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