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The Roundtable: What We Would Like to See Happen in Europe This Season

After a short hiatus, the FootyFair RoundTable is back. This feature is where we go beyond the headlines and talk to real football fans about current topics or issues in the football world.

Today the group discussed what they would like to see happen in Europe next season.

On the round table today we were joined by:

Iain (me)

What do you want to see happen in European soccer this season?

Manchester United's backness level at 100%. Meaning that not only are we back in the Champions League, but we're back in the later stages.

Of course. I'd like to see some teams make a go at the big guns. We need a Porto like run in my opinion to switch up the boring semi and finals we've slumped into the past few years in the Champions League.

Yeah, the big two Spanish clubs and Bayern Munich have dominated in recent seasons and that makes for a dull Champions League.

I have not found the champions league to be dull in any way, shape, or form for the past five years.

Do I really need to say it? A Chelsea v United final just to tell UEFA to fuck off! It won't happen but a man can hope.

Yeah, I'm with Travis on this one. As a neutral, I thoroughly enjoyed watching the Champions League group and knockout stages, best club tournament out there by far.

United backness level to max and of course I'd like to see us make at least the Quarterfinals or Semifinals in the Champions League. The United haters in here, like GM and such, are happy with the CL last year but I thought it was ass without us. Also I'd like to see an English vs German or Italian final. I'm sick of the Spanish teams. So lets hope for a Spanish early exit this year.

All I want to see is some entertaining footy, some player antics once in a while for the comedy (ie Suarez biting a man, Zlatan ranting to a referee in the tunnel etc.) and some great goals. Also, I want Hajduk to make the Europa League group stage and hopefully draw a team I can fly directly to watch (Tottenham would do nicely).

Being content with CL is about my teams success not other's failure. And my haterade levels have dropped significantly in the past few years.

I'm not saying CL wasn't entertaining. Just that I'd like you see some different teams make a real deep run at it. It's like playing in a 6 team league you get bored of the same game over and over.

It was entertaining right up until the Semifinal stage where it was the same old same, same old. The only team that was interesting was Juventus. Also the CL needs United, because we bring a different level of hype to the knockout rounds.

Yeah but at the same time Bramble, you said last year that you didn't want another Monaco v Porto final like in 2004, so it's a real fine balance I guess that you are looking for because in my opinion, that Porto and Monaco (in 2004 not 2015) team were both very, very good and deserved to make that final.

I can't dispute I said that, but Porto vs Monaco in 2015 would've been terrible. Yeah the 2004 final was good I won't deny that I guess. Porto at the top of their game and Monaco playing the best they've ever played.


Let the games begin.


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