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MLS Double Exposures by Tim Tadder

Los Angeles based photographer Tim Tadder used Major League Soccer stars as the subjects of his double exposure project. For those of you not familiar with the term, simply put and without getting too technical it is a technique in which a photographer combines two photographs within one another.

Below is his description of the project.

"Earlier this year we were assigned to shoot 15 stars from the MLS (Major League Soccer) soccer league as part of a Caprisun sponsorship. We had 15 minutes to shoot action, portraits, player with product etc. I knew if I had one minute at the end of that blitz with each player wanted to create these double exposure images. Inspired by the many uses of the double exposure technique appearing everywhere from True Detective, to portfolio's all over behance.net, I decided to put my sport-centric twist on them."

"Using backgrounds from the location of the 2014 World Cup, the warm depth filled Rio sunscapes with soccer fields or stadium (The Maracana) with unique textures provided quite interesting insets for the doubles. So much of sport is played in the mind, these images let the audience imagine the thoughts and aspirations of the professionals that dedicated their lives to this beautiful game."



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