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5 Annoying Things About the Summer Transfer Window

With over a month before the resumption of the European football season, besides getting our football fix with CONCACAF Gold Cup matches and MLS league play, we're being bombarded on a daily basis with rumours about transfers.

If like me, you're addicted to Twitter you've likely cringed at a few things football related already this summer and you just know that there's more to come.

Although some of the big European leagues like the EPL resume in mid-August, it'll be September 1st before some of us truly know how some of the squads across Europe will eventually shape up when the dust has settled.

With that in mind here are five annoying people and things that spring up around the transfer window:

ITK - In the Know - Twitter Accounts

They have no real sources, they're simply a weirdo who is likely 32 years old and still lives with their mom due to incessant bed wetting and an irrational fear of the opposite sex. They make up twenty five random stories a day about players having medicals at clubs like Manchester United and then quickly delete their original tweet when the player in fact goes to PSG. However if by fluke they get one out of their fifty awful predictions right they are sure to gloat about their brilliant sources for weeks to come. Little do the people that retweet these ITK Cowboys know, is that the "source" is probably their cat.

The Hashtag (Club Name) Family Crowd

Not quite as weird as the ITK folks, but giving them a strong run for the money are the #MUFCFamily, #CFCFamily or any other club "Family" Twitter armies. They're trying to create a community for people who likely don't go to matches, and yeah I guess creating a community of supporters is fine, but these types live to shamelessly seek out favorites and retweets on Twitter, while also trying to tell you who to follow. Without fail they generally go into full blown meltdown mode if their club hasn't signed anyone after two days of the transfer window being open and tweet as if their clubs manager actually gives a crap about their opinions. These are the type of people that we've all had the misfortune of getting stuck next to in a pub at some point and then had to listen to their so-called expert opinion on a right back in Serie B that City should have signed by now. They'll also want to add you on Facebook. If so, tell them you hate social media and they should leave you alone.

The Football Media

Sky Sports and the other major European media fuel the nonsense of the transfer window by tweeting rumours and "sure things" themselves, with every utterance by these outlets being studied by fans any half rumour they put out spreads like wildfire. Everyone wants to be first to a story and with the instant outlet of social media, even the legitimate media now put things out that aren't entirely true.

The Pessimists

The doom and gloom merchants who crap all over everything, and who likely come from somewhere that rains all the time. They will write off your team's chances next season by early July and if a pre-season fixture against the Thailand All Star Thundercats XI ends in a dull 0-0 they'll write a wretched blog about the realities of relegation that anyone with good sense will ignore.

The Holdouts

The players that want to leave your club, or at least their agents that want them to as that extension on their house isn't going to pay for itself, play out their little dramas at this time of the year and remind us of how many of the men we watch most Saturday's are utter dickheads with no loyalty. The "will he", "won't he" soap operas generally play out all summer until the player gets his move to Madrid or comes back to your club with his tail between his legs, while stating that he never really wanted to leave in the first place.

Wake me up when September 1st rolls around.


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