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The Premier League Season is Over, What the Heck Am I Going to Watch?

This Sunday we saw Steven Gerrard's emotional farewell tour end in farce as an unsentimental Stoke City side pummelled StevieG's beloved Liverpool 6-1, elsewhere Newcastle survived the drop by the skin of their teeth despite the hapless John Carver's best efforts and Champions Chelsea bid adieu again to Didier Drogba.

As I took it all in and reflected on what was in reality a fairly dull Premier League season I broke out in a cold sweat. What am I going to watch now?

Sure there's a few series I've been meaning to catch up on, like the most recent season of Homeland. But with the death of US Marine turned domestic terrorist Nicholas Brody at the end of Season 3, do I really want to put myself through a season of just Claire Danes acting disturbed?

If I want to see someone unhinged with eyes burning into my soul from beyond a TV screen, give me Roy Keane.

I could of course go outside and enjoy the sunshine, but I'd rather see a sun drenched Old Trafford or even Goodison Park, but not Upton Park as that place seems to have a perpetual rain cloud over it during the current reign of Big Sam.

Oh that's right, Allardyce has been sacked. I'm losing the plot already and will soon have to resort to desperate measures like talking to loved ones.

With no Premier League football to fill my weekends I'll need to look for other forms of football to fill the gap now, and thankfully there are some tournaments to tide me over this summer.

First off we have the Women's World Cup here in Canada, which I may attend a match for up in Ottawa, there's also meaningless overpriced summer friendlies (And no, the fucking Emirates Cup isn't a real trophy Arsenal fans), the Copa America and the Pan Am Games.

Speaking of the Pan Am Games, they're only a month away yet the schedule still hasn't been posted, who the hell do I contact about that?

I'm also bracing for ludicrous transfer speculation that always ends in disappointment. You dream of Iniesta and end up with Charlie Adam.

You'll forgive me for almost forgetting about my local MLS side, the beleaguered Toronto FC. But that's a story for another day.

Welcome to the summer.


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