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Umbro Velocita Football Boot

Umbro has unveiled this week they new football boot, Umbro Velocita.

The new boot has been released under the new marketing slogan “Glory for All” and is marketed as the lightest boot ever made at a total weight of 165g.

This past weekend Mauricio Pinilla of Atalanta and Danny Graham of Sunderland wore the new Umbro Velocita during their team matches.

This new boot is designed for comfort and speed. It has the ability to give the player a better feel on the ball while it also allows it to grip better on all terrain conditions and improve the change of direction and speed.

The stud configuration on this boot is very similar to the 2014 Adidas F50 boots, which were made to also improve speed and change in direction of players.

The boot is expected to cost around 165 euros and will only be available at select retailers.



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